4500 Dominator Restrictor Plate System - $585

Our 4500 Dominator Restrictor Plate System offers a two-piece modular design. This two-piece spacer design offers a far more precise way to machine the part. This avoids the mismatched machining caused when trying to machine the slot to the plate nesting pocket. The two plates are sealed with a Viton O-ring that creates a perfect seal once the carburetor is fastened to the intake manifold. The two-piece design offers a much more economical option if the system is damaged.

Each Plate System Includes:

  • 4500 Dominator Two Piece Modular Spacer
  • 20 Restrictor Plates selected for your application


Your combination is unique, because of this, we prefer you to call 717-202-9374. Together we will select from over 70 available plates to get you as close to your goal as possible - right out of the box.


We accept Money Orders and Paypal. Note a 3% fee is applied for PayPal orders.


 “Plates are plates you say”, not at Marko Performance Design. Most competitor plates are laser cut. While this is a fast and economical way to produce a plate, it’s not a precision component. Typical Laser Jet tolerance is +/-.005.  All of our plates are CNC machined to +/-.001 .  Why is this important? This is huge when dealing with a smaller plate which may have just .005 in plate bore increments. The Laser Jet tolerance of +/-.005 can actually be greater than your desired change in plate bore size. When you make a change with our plate you can rest assured you have made the actual change you desired.  

Make your car the precision tool it can be and start turning on win lights. Run a Marko Performance Design system and you’ll discover the advantage a precision system has to offer.