4150 Series Additional Plates - $15.00 per plate


“Plates are plates you say”, not at Marko Performance Design. Most competitor plates are laser cut. While this is a fast and economical way to produce a plate, it’s not a precision component. Typical Laser Jet tolerance is +/-.005.  All of our plates are CNC machined to +/-.001 .  Why is this important? This is huge when dealing with a smaller plate which may have just .005 in plate bore increments. The Laser Jet tolerance of +/-.005 can actually be greater than your desired change in plate bore size. When you make a change with our plate you can rest assured you have made the actual change you desired.   

Our plates are clear zinc plated. This provides a durable finish, eases cleaning and is stain-resistant. For easy identification, each plate is laser etched with the actual bore size.